Help for the Working Uninsured

You work hard to support yourself and your family, but health insurance seems like a luxury. We know there aren’t enough hours in your day to spend time thinking about how to afford your medications. Yet, they’re costing you too much of your paycheck.

That’s why we’ve made it quick and easy for people just like you to access our free BetterRxCard that can save you money on thousands of prescriptions.

Easy to Get

When you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities, it can be challenging to fit one more thing on your to-do list. To get your prescription drug card, there’s no need to take time off work to stand in line at a clinic. You don’t even have to make a personal call on the job. Simply log onto your computer or pick up your mobile device and get your BetterRxCard instantly.

We won’t ask any personal questions or sell your information to third-party companies. It’s all very confidential and, best of all, at no cost to you!

You also don’t have to get separate cards for everyone in your family. They can all use the same card. Just print enough copies of the card for each person to have one whenever he or she needs it.

Immediate Savings

Once you have printed your card or downloaded the iPhone app, you can start saving money at the pharmacy immediately.

Because we don’t ask about your pre-existing conditions or medical history, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been taking the same medication for years. Your current prescriptions more than likely are among the 60,000 drugs we cover. Search for your prescription on our website to make sure. Then show your pharmacist your BetterRxCard next time you pick up your medication, and you will get our lower price.

Not only can you save on your recurring prescriptions, but also antibiotics and other medicines for short-term illnesses.

Convenient Pharmacies

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is drive across town to pick up your medications. At BetterRxCard, we’re working with 63,000 pharmacies throughout the country. These include major retailers and mom-and-pop drug stores, all who want to help their customers afford the prescriptions they and their families need.

Your favorite neighborhood pharmacist is probably among our partners. Type your store’s name into our pharmacy lookup tool or enter your city and state or zip code to locate nearby pharmacies. You can even save when you’re traveling for work or on vacation.

Still have questions about the BetterRxCard? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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