What is the BetterRxCard?

The BetterRxCard is a discount drug card designed to primarily help individuals without insurance or those that have high copay amounts and for prescription medications not covered by insurance.

How do I qualify?

Everyone qualifies for the BetterRxCard. All you need to do is print out a card or download the card and bring it to your pharmacy. There are no age restrictions, no preexisting condition restrictions, and no residency restrictions. Simply said, there are no restrictions at all. So relax, you are already qualified!

Can I use the BetterRxCard if I already have insurance?

Use the price comparison tool to find the estimated discount price of your medications at your pharmacy and to compare the cost with other pharmacies in your area. Compare the discounted BetterRxCard price to your insurance copay amount.  You can elect to use whichever option saves you the most money (BetterRxCard vs. Copay insurance amount).

Privacy is very important to me, is my information kept private?

Yes, your information is kept private and never sold to any 3rd party.

How about the rest of my family and friends?

Your family and friends can use the BetterRxCard too. Just print out a card or share yours; it works either way. And if you have friends you know that might benefit from the card you can tell them about it on Twitter and Facebook.

Can I use it for my pet’s medications?

Yes! There are many pet medications prescribed by veterinarians that are also prescribed by physicians for human use. You can use your BetterRxCard for these medications and realize similar discount savings at your local participating pharmacies.

Where can I use the BetterRxCard?

BetterRxCard has partnered with over 63,000 pharmacies so your local pharmacy is probably already participating. To find out, use our price comparison and pharmacy locator tool.

If you are traveling or move to a new city or state, you can still use your BetterRxCard at your new pharmacy.

Why is my pharmacy participating in this program?

All pharmacies — large chain stores, grocery and mass market pharmacies, as well as independent pharmacies– are interested in helping you, their customer, while providing the best pharmacy services for you so that you will keep coming back. Supporting a program like BetterRxCard helps them to help you.

Which prescription drugs are included in the BetterRxCard program?

The BetterRxCard offers a discount on most FDA-approved drugs. However, there are some instances, particularly with low cost generic drugs already priced so low, that no discount is available.  Pricing can vary by medication and pharmacy.  Use the price calculator to find the discounted price of your medications.

Does my physician need to know about this program?

No. The pharmacist will take care of providing you with the discount when you are at the pharmacy.

What can I save?

You can save using the BetterRxCard on both generic and brand name drugs. The savings you experience will literally be from 0% to 75% or more, depending on the medication. Use our pricing comparison tool to calculate the discounted price of your medications and compare prices to other pharmacies in your area.

How do I get a card?

You can print your own card out right now; just click here or download a card to your mobile phone.

Who is behind the BetterRxCard?

Genuity Group is a business management and technology services company specializing in the healthcare, banking, education, government and new enterprise industries. Genuity created BetterRxCard as a service to help individuals and families better afford and access their prescription medications.